Super Grow Laser Review

The Super Grow Laser is the largest machine in our reviews. It's so powerful it really creates its own category of laser hair therapy device. It comes on a stand, has more lasers than any other device, and while the stand itself leaves something to be desired, the laser unit itself has some meat on the bone. Their base model comes with fifty lasers, which is more than twice any other unit in the roundup.


Each of the 50 diodes has the same (correct) specifications - 650 nm laser light, which is the main wavelength used to promote hair growth. Each diode has an output rating of 5 mw, which keeps the device as a Class IIIa laser device - any higher power ratings woud mean moving up to Class IIIb, which is no longer considered a cold laser. The diodes ratings put the machine at the upper end of what is still considered low level laser therapy.

The Super Grow Laser is an overhead unit. The laser unit is mounted on an adjustable arm, which is then mounted on a stand. The stand is nothing special, but it does an adequate job of holding the laser unit in place, which is really all it needs to do.

The laser unit itself has two panels, with an adjustable neck between the two. The neck in our experience made loud squeaking noises when adjusting, but once it was in place, we found no reason to have to adjust it again.

The two panels are plastic, living up to what the website promises - not a very frilly unit, just functional with lots of lasers. The larger panel screws into the arm of the stand by means of a threaded block mounted on the back. This larger panel is meant for the crown of the head, and the smaller panel is designed to cover the hairline in front.

The unit comes equipped only with lasers, not any LEDs. Like the X5 laser, this is an honest laser machine, not a questionable mix of lasers and LEDs, like the iGrow.


The coverage from Super Grow Laser is impressive.

The front panel that covers the hairline has 5 rows of 4 lasers. The rows are spaced about half an inch apart, and within the row the lasers are about an inch apart. This gives 20 lasers to cover the all-important hairline within a space of ten square inches.

The main panel, which covers the top of the head, has 30 lasers. The panel is about 5X6 inches, giving a thirty square inch coverage area, with lasers spaced an inch apart. This is totally adequate to cover the top of any but the largest head.

And since the unit isn't sitting on top of the head, any natural head motion spreads the laser light around, so you're treating the whole area, not just the 30 spots directly under the lasers.


This system has the best coverage and the highest number of lasers. That said, it really isn't much to look at. The design could definitely use some work, and it has the least features of any unit reviewed - just an on/off switch.

However, it is by far the most powerful system, and this should put it at the top of anyone's list who is looking to stop hair loss. At the end of the day, what you want is more hair, and this unit is best equipped to deliver it, despite the Plain Jane packaging.

The cost per laser, and the highest number of lasers, make this the top choice.

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